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Research and Areas of ​​Concentration

Research  Areas of ​​Concentration
1. Evaluation of macromolecule-ligand interactions

Analytical chemistry; Organic chemistry;

2. Biomass for chemicals and energy production

Organic Chemistry; Physical Chemistry

3. Molecular and surface catalysis   Inorganic chemistry
4. Crystallography of small and macromolecules  Physical Chemistry

5. Development and application of analytical methodologies

Analytical chemistry
6. Chemical Ecology Organic Chemistry
7. Fundamental and applied Electrochemistry  Physical Chemistry
8. Organic and Bioelectrochemical Electrochemistry  Organic Chemistry; Physical Chemistry

9. Entrepreneurship and innovation in chemistry and biotechnology

Technological Development and Innovation in
Chemistry and Biotechnology

10.Enzimology Biochemistry and Biotechnology
11. Oxidative stress

Biochemistry and Biotechnology; Chemistry

12. Metabolism and Bioenergetics  Biochemistry and Biotechnology
13. Molecular modeling

Physicochemical; Organic chemistry;
Inorganic chemistry

14. Oleochemistry Physical Chemistry; Organic chemistry; Inorganic chemistry
15. Proteomics and metabolomics  Biochemistry and Biotechnology
16. Environmental chemistry and global changes Analytical Chemistry
17. Materials Chemistry Physical Chemistry; Inorganic chemistry
18.Natural Products Chemistry Organic Chemistry
19. Medicinal Chemistry  Organic Chemistry; Inorganic chemistry
20. Synthesis and application of nanostructures

Physical Chemistry; Inorganic chemistry;
Organic chemistry

21. Organic and organometallic synthesis  Inorganic Chemistry; Organic chemistry
22. Microfluidic Systems Analytical Chemistry