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Gamification of Intelligent Learning Environments: A Cross-Cultural Approach

Prof. Dr. Ig Ibert

It is still very common that students become disengaged or bored during the learning process by using intelligent educational systems. On the other hand, there is a growing interest in gamification as well as its applications and implications in the field of Artificial Intelligence in Education since it provides an alternative to engage and motivate students during the process of learning. The term Gamification originated in the digital media industry, however, such a term only gained widespread acceptance after late 2010. In addition, there are three critical issues regarding gamification in educational settings: i) then most of the research was about conceptualization, modelling and impact of use; ii) there are few studies about the combination of gamification and Artificial Intelligence in Education; and iii) there are even fewer cross-cultural studies on gamification. The goals of this project are manifold: firstly, to develop the area of Gamification of Intelligent Learning Environments research; secondly, to create the foundation for collaborative research between Brazil and China in the context of gamification in education; and thirdly, to stimulate research, development and innovation of cross-cultural solutions between Brazil and China (and in the future Russia, India and South Africa).